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Amelia Phillips

Amelia Phillips
Category Drawing, Print making
Listing date August 25, 2017

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Artist's description

In my current practice I have been exploring natural forms; rock formations, lichen, ice structures, plant and animal cells, wood grains and rust. As an observer and as an artist I’m becoming increasingly engaged with these natural forms and structures that appear within a world where our environments are constantly developing and changing. I like to explore these organic forms and their surfaces, which have been created naturally without human intervention and draw attention to the work of nature.

I also explore surfaces and objects that have been interrupted and transformed by man and by nature. These things appeal to me and engage me because the time and history they convey work their mystery on the senses. The dramatic states of chaos they sometimes achieve show how the deterioration of surfaces and objects can be truly sublime. I like to show the relationship between the natural and interrupted: humanity intervening in the forms of nature, frequently discarding what has been borrowed from or transformed in nature, and then nature, eventually, claiming objects back.

I work in the realms of printmaking to visually explore my concept, which I feel emulates that sometimes erosive, always transformative process in nature.