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Bea Toa

Bea Toa
Listing date February 26, 2017

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Bea Toa is a Graphic Artist playing with pop art elements, colours and harmony.

Born in the south of France and raised with the sand and the ocean, nature has always been a core part of her life and not just a lifestyle choice. Her visual language marries this strong energy with peace and pop imagery.

Having worked in places such as Arcachon, Biarritz, Paris, London, Geneva, Fribourg, Montreal, Tokyo and Brighton, has influenced many aspects of the work on display and is now labelled the "CandySurf Style". A mix of a colourful beauty and a giant wave surfing with you.  


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For over 15 years, Bea Toa has expressed her creative mind through multiple artistic medias, such as painting, graphic, logotype, identity, packaging, drawing, and many more…

A list of clients that she has worked with previously include: Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashley, Jean-Paul Gaultier, L'Oreal Professional, Wella Professional, Champagne Lanson, Havana Club, Scott Sports.

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