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Charlotte van Berckel

Charlotte van Berckel
Category Drawing
Listing date June 28, 2017

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Artist's description

I created this body of work (there are 12 pieces in total, all compressed charcoal) on the floor of the heat filled passages of a Palazzo in Southern Italy, and was influenced by the light, the shadows and the otherworldly beauty of my surroundings.

It speaks of a moment in time and place and of time passing, of what is familiar and yet incomprehensible, of the pull between contemplation and distraction. Imagination. Of what is reality and what is myth; do we ever know. Of getting lost. Of scale, form, of motion, and the tension between order and the distortion that only light can make. Of the cool stone on my skin, and the hot sun, of sweat, of the beguiling seduction of the southern Italian light and shadow. Of what I could not see, only feel.  This body of work is of my quest to make sense of it all. It is a language of love

The work attached is made up of 3 pieces, each A0 in size.

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