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David Cheetham

Artist's description

Having studied Visual Communication Design at Lincoln College of Art, I moved to London in 1976 to join the iconic Face Ronchetti typesetting and artwork studio, working my way through paste up/keyline artist, Studio Manager and eventually Director. After many years working in the advertising industry producing 'hero packs' for TV commercials/photo shoots for clients such as Procter & Gamble and Mars, I have recently picked up my brushes again and re-discovered my passion for painting. I mainly paint abstract images in acrylics and enjoy exploring different methods of creating rich visual textures and subtle shade changes.

I have been inspired by many visits to Brighton Open Houses each year and I hope that I am now ready to display my own work. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to showcase my work in an Artists Open House, so I hope that you will contact me if you wish to exhibit and sell any of my paintings.

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