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Debbie Siniska

Debbie Siniska
Category Textiles
Listing date January 2, 2018

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07738 470 488

Artist's description

Debbie Siniska - textile artist

I am a rag rug maker, felt maker, artist, author and teacher. I work using traditional hand tools and recycled textiles to create cushions, seat mats, rugs and wall hangings/banners.

I am inspired of course by the natural world and the green man, hares, birds and plantlife are subjects I return to time and time again. I also create pieces inspired by Bloomsbury art.

I work instinctively with colour, and pieces often come to life as I work on the canvass, rather than planning each detail beforehand.

I also use blended fleece fibers to make my felt hats, slippers , scarves and tiny felt animals.

I produce cards, prints and a range of tea towels using images of my work.