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Gemma Buxton

Category Textiles
Listing date February 2, 2018

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Artist's description

Gemma Textiles

Gemma Textiles designs and creates thoughtful, simple, inspiring sculptural garments for the independent woman. Individually hand-made using reclaimed textiles and organic, naturally dyed fabrics, with striking colour block designs, stitch detail and embroidered highlights, these are statement pieces that embody sustainable fashion ideals.

Designed to be comfortable, versatile and eye-catching in classic colours and innovatively structured shapes, each garment uses a unique combination of colour, texture and carefully chosen fabrics.

To compliment a Gemma Textiles outfit you can choose one of my colour-block  scarf designs or an embroidered textile brooch. These items as well as being a beautiful compliment to the garments, are an important part of my zero-waste studio practice, where I seek to celebrate the value and joy of all textiles.

All Gemma Textiles and accessories are hand-made by Gemma Buxton in her south coast workshop.