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George Dunkerton

George Dunkerton
Listing date August 27, 2017

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My work takes from peculiar phrases in conversations I overhear. I then use this text to search for corresponding images on google, resulting in obscure image/text relationships. Because of the randomness of conversation and of the mass of image results on google, there will always be an element of nonsense, which adds interest and mystery to the content. I produce black and white prints with the text and their relative pictures. For the open houses, I intend to take phrases from overheard conversations in Brighton and find corresponding images to make framed layered prints, which remain within the context of this particular, individual city. The images I have uploaded (and work on my website) are of performances I have done where I have turned my found text/images into swappable signs, to show there are many sequences/narratives to be found amongst these elements of conversation, just as conversation itself can move from one topic to another quickly and randomly. I also like to make text/image books, so there is a possibility of also producing a book to buy for the open houses that will take on the 'overheard in Brighton' theme, mixing the imagery I have printed.