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Jan Irvine

Jan Irvine
Listing date February 23, 2017

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Artist's description

I am mainly a figurative artist, specialising in drawing from the moving body. As I love dance and music, there are dancers, from contemporary through to sals etc, athletes and lots of performers. I also create collages, using a mixture of drawing painting and paper and handpaintes jewellery on found shells.

I love to work from the human body, whether it's clothed or unclothed, still or in motion; either charcoal, ink or watercolour. All are exciting to me, and can lead to 'spin-offs' of collages created using the drawings plus paint and paper. My handpainted jewellery is something I started years ago when I found I could 'draw' and paint on found shells, and went on to make necklaces, earrings and brooches. Do I have quite a wide range to suit my mood!