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Joanna Lloyd

Joanna Lloyd
Category Glass
Listing date January 3, 2018

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Artist's description

I am a designer and maker of cast glass. The current body of work consists of  panels moulded from floral and coastal subjects. I use real plants, shells & natural materials to create moulds, this enables me to capture fine textural details in the glass. My moulds are then fired with glass frit and billet for 3-4 days. The glass is then cold worked, polished and some are slumped into curves (5 days). Panels are in a variety of sizes and some are mounted on slate, glass or freestanding and can be quite deep. Glass panels feature garden flowers like agapanthus and alliums and wild plants like cow parsley.

I also have a body of work called "Vestigium Series" informed by the concept that we all leave "a trace", a memory. The work references archaeology and consists of layers of ethereal ghostly "artefacts" within blocks of glass with surface textures taken from excavations at Woking Palace (medieval and Tudor remains).

I have a BA and MA in glass from the University of the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey. I have just spent a year as Artist in Residence at the university (completed October 2017).