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Liza Morton

Artist's description

Ceramic Animal Sculptures using a variety of glazing techniques. Specialising in Dog sculptures that aim to capture the character of the animal. Smaller works called "Loveables" that fit into the palm of your hand. All work created with textural layering in mind.

Liza also creates textural paintings and vintage themed "Brighton" cards using extensive layering.

I live in Sussex with my husband and menagerie of animals, a kiln called 'Bertha' and an Art Studio in Glynde. I grew up in Essex and studied at Thurrock Technical College for my Foundation then I decided to break free and study at Brighton Polytechnic on the 'Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics' Course. By the time I left it had become a University and I focussed on Plastics and Visual Art in my final year. Loving layering gel coat resins and then sanding back and shaping sculptures. Next was a PGCE Teaching course in Secondary Education. This led to 20 years as an Art Teacher and Head of Art. As an Art Co-ordinator I was lucky to work with several artists developing projects in Mosaic, Paper Mache, Photography, Willow sculptures, Pinhole Photography, Murals, Life Drawing, Clay workshops etc. Alongside being a teacher I have always painted and featured at exhibitions and craft fairs throughout Surrey with my very expressive, textural paintings.

In 2016 I was able to become a full time Artist and Ceramicist. This is due to us relocating back down to Sussex. When I was at University Ceramics was not available as a major study. Up to that point is was always my passion. Resins were also great but due to the strong smells etc it wasn't a life time ambition. Clay continued to play a part in my educational role but it wasn't until the school I was working at, said that they wanted me to find a new home for the school kiln that I took the opportunity to take 'Bertha' home with me. That's when I realised that my true love out of everything was good old fashioned clay.

Of course as an artist I still spread my Art work everywhere and I have made a conscious decision to split my disciplines across two studios. So I have my messy space at home where I can literally throw clay around and push the boundaries of my collection of animal sculptures and I have my clean space at Glynde where I can open for Artwave, have meetings, teach, paint, use adobe Photoshop etc. This has been working really well for me as I always have too many ideas and it helps me to organise my thoughts.

The animal sculptures began when someone walked into my old Box Hill studio and asked for a sculpture of their dog, an English Bull Terrier called 'Peggoty'. When I took the commission I thought I'll give it a go. By the end I didn't want to hand it over to its owner, I loved it so much. Then there was another commission and so on. I started volunteer dog walking at the RSPCA in Brighton for 6 months and then found Raystede centre for animals. With the introduction of my "Lovables" collection, people can hopefully access something from my collection and take it home to love it. Whether it is a sculpture of their own pet, an animal or a bird that they just love. You can see more of my work on