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Lizzie Lee

Lizzie Lee
Category Lighting
Listing date August 31, 2017

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Artist's description

I live and work in Shoreham-by-Sea. My work is concerned with recycling and re-using material. I graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in 3D Crafts in 2000 also winning their prestigious Innovation Award for my recycling cottage industry. I went on to win the Brighton Festival Visual Arts Prize in 2004.

My lampshades are made from recycled plastic and lace. I collect, clean and granulate plastic milk bottles.  They are then re-melted into a sheet form: often onto a lace collage that I have created from pieces of lace and net curtain.  The resulting plastic sheet is then cut, bent into shape and hand-stitched onto a lampshade frame.

It is a lengthy process, and each shade is unique.  The lace fragments, which I have collected over many years from flea markets and charity shops, can be seen in all their intricate beauty when the lamp is switched on and they are gently illuminated within the translucent plastic.