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Louise Mabbs

Louise Mabbs
Category Mixed media
Listing date January 21, 2018

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01273 732512

Artist's description

I finished my first patchwork bedcover at 13 years old, then I studied art on a

  • Art Foundation, at Derby Lonsdale (1982)
  • Constructed Textile Degree, at Winchester School of Art (1982-1985)
  • City & Guilds Embroidery parts 1 & 2, at Windsor (1998-2003)

My work has progressed from knitting and other crafts, through weaving, quiltmaking and embroidery into several strands:

  • Traditional and modern art quilts - often geometric, bright and mathematically inspired
  • Sculptural pieces - including Multiviews, contrasting images with several viewing positions, and 3D knot structures
  • Machine embroidered pieces - tactile, collaged, nature inspired flowers or the sea, (since moving to Hove in 2006)
  • Paper and Fabric Origami

Primarily a designer - I am also learning mosaic, spray painting and other outdoor art skills

  • An extremely versatile artist, I work with many hybrids inbetween
  • I love constant fresh challenges and working in a variety of scales
  • I love doing school / community projects - see my Artist in Residency blog
  • Co-author of “The Quilter’s Guide To Twists & Tucks” / “Fabric Origami” (2006), currently developing other Origami-inspired books
  • Collating ideas for a book using the Fibonacci sequence numbers, used frequently in my work, and several other mathematical or story based ideas