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Nina Garstang

Nina Garstang
Listing date November 1, 2017

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07900 683972

Artist's description

“... it's kind of moving under the eye, and the colours hit me up with their intensity, like chemicals chasing through my blood. So I'm feeling it. It's a visceral thing at first, and then meaning emerges: I get rivers and seas and mountains, then into cells under microscopes and maps of the earth from space bleeding into brains and embryos, soft tissue and weather systems all on a single sheet of glass, and yet it is still.

I'm getting flashes of old masters too, like faces and scenes from other things I've seen dissolving away from me, but not so far I can't feel the comfort they were there.

And then there's the shine of droplets on the bottom left of the frame, that give it context all of a sudden and change the perspective and confuse it all again.

There's also a hint of the shadows of the painters shoulders in reflection in the mirror of the glass at the bottom, and I'm seeing it like it might be a face, or a mind exploded”

Richard Lewis, writer

Works are small...largest is 24cm x 30cm on glass. I will be making larger pieces to in the next week or so.