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Pierrette Vergne

Pierrette Vergne
Listing date September 22, 2017

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Between Painting and Sculpture

The Unique Work of Paper Artist Pierrette Vergne

I am drawn to the unique properties of paper that allow me to create decorative pieces that have the depth and dimension of sculpture and can also be hung like a painting. The detail and tactile quality of my work draws you close in order to appreciate the intriguing technique. The open wood and acrylic frames invites you into the work and adds a contemporary feel to the presentation.

Each piece begins with flat sheets of white or natural paper,; also sheets of pre-died for saturation and color consistency. I enhance the paper using a variety of mediums such as drawing, texture marks, writing, and colour. I manipulate each piece of paper using methods that are Oriental in origin as well as my own techniques developed over many years of experimentation. I use a variety of different types of paper but mainly Japanese paper (Washi), Nepalese paper (Lokta) and German paper (Dürer-Ingres) all offering various qualities such as luminosity and most important, resistance.

Training and Exhibitions

Trent University, UK, Honors degree in Decorative Arts

Widely exhibited for 15 years, currently: Musée Charmey, Switzerland