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Roberta Young

Roberta Young
Category Painting
Listing date October 2, 2017

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07891 580275

Artist's description

Painting for me is an alchemical process of initiating something and allowing the materials to do their own thing. I play with liquids, whether poured as resin or varnish, or carefully applying ink to water on paper. I love to see how different fluid media repel, attract, flow and react with each other.

In my paintings I aim to convey the ephemeral beauty and delicacy of flowers and plants. The Amaryllis shown here is 68 cm x 86cm.

I studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths' College, London Uni, gaining my degree in 1993. I took part in exhibitions for a few years but then took a long break from making art, taking a tangent into homeopathy. I have recently made the full circle back to painting again in the last 2 years, and now I would like to show in the Open Houses for the first time. I have been exhibiting this year in Lewes and at the Ashdown Gallery.