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Susie Ramsay-Smith

Susie Ramsay-Smith
Category Ceramics, Sculpture
Listing date January 2, 2018

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Artist's description

I enjoy making sculptural, oxidised stoneware with recycled glass for gardens eg organic bird baths & large ornamental lanterns as well as wheel thrown, artistically decorated home ware eg Sussex scene slip ware mugs.

My artistic journey was inspired by my mother with painting but once I touched clay I realised I’d discovered the medium for me!  Working in clay fulfils my practical side and my potential for creating in 3D blossomed. The primordial nature of using clay appeals to my sense of tradition yet allows my individual style to evolve as I discover its varying qualities when thrown or sculpted.  I embrace the dedication required to maintain the skills for throwing functional pottery but relish the freedom of handbuilt, larger scale organic pieces.