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Alvaro Mascarell

Alvaro Mascarell
Category Photography
Listing date February 2, 2020

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Artist's description

I am an experienced photographer who has moved to Brighton in late 2019 to step forward my artistic life as a freelancer. Being here, I enjoy gaining inspiration from the artistic atmosphere which will help me to develop my career into the fine art photography.

My first project of 2020 “The Earth is calling” is a reflexion on the connexion between nature and human beings. I reflected on my feelings about climate emergency and how humans have treated Mother Nature along the history. Furthermore, I have found a visual language which allows the picture to voice the scream of nature. The objective is to reverse societies thoughts by illustrating the beauty of nature and inviting a reconnection to it. This artwork includes 15 framed images using expressionism in an abstract way to connect us to Mother Earth.

I will present "The Earth is Calling" at the Artist Open Houses festival. Hopefully, this will be the first step in a journey for this body of work to travel onwards.For further information or to have a view of the full artwork please find my contact details above.