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Angie Salfield

Angie Salfield
Category Mixed media
Listing date January 28, 2020

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Artist's description

I am an artist and designer living and working in Hove. My current ongoing project ‘To pattern and beyond’ concentrates on exploring patterns in both the man-made and natural worlds . I experiment with different techniques and materials, constantly refining them, until the best way of expressing my ideas is uncovered–often with surprising results. Making by hand allows the visual and tactile qualities to be captured and the viewer often has the opportunity to interact with my pieces.

My inspiration is mostly my local environment as can be seen in the fascinating and unusual garden sculptures and textile wall pieces, and installations. I have a unique collection of handmade bags.

Currently I am exploring and developing abstract acrylics by combining pouring techniques with screen printing and textiles.

My work challenges ideas about, and blurs the line between what is 'Art' and what is 'Craft'.