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Annabel Wyatt

Annabel Wyatt
Category Painting
Listing date March 16, 2018

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Artist's description

A Birmingham-born artist now living and working in Brighton, Annabel studied fine art throughout her schooling and at Birmingham City University. After moving to London, she pursued a career in art working at different galleries. Annabel’s influences include abstract expressionism, German expressionism and minimalist design.

She started making her current series of mono-prints when she moved to Brighton in 2014 having acquired access to studio space. The series is based on abstracted figures symbolically located. Annabel’s method used to create these most recent works is a combination of mono-printed forms, textured paintwork and painted line work. The forms are all set against backdrops resembling a cityscape from time spent living in East London and Birmingham.

The series began in London and expresses reflections of entitlement, power and exclusion I have experienced both as a woman and a person from a “working class” background. The artwork aims to bring a sense of understanding and process to some of the ugliness people are capable of projecting.


Portfolio and blog:

Instagram: annabel­_wyatt

Twitter: @AnnabelWyattArt

Facebook: AnnabelWyattArt

YouTube: Annabel Wyatt Art