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canda bytes

canda bytes
Listing date November 26, 2019

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We’re Clare and Anna known as ‘canda’ (rhymes with panda). We’re a creative couple living in Brighton UK. We digitise our hand-drawn art into tasty ‘bytes’ of goodness. Together we’re canda bytes - art that cares.

We design and sell high-quality eco greeting cards (A5 square) and art prints (A3). Our products are Risograph printed on 100% recycled paper, ethically and sustainably made in Brighton.

Clare draws illustrations by hand to tell stories that celebrate the extraordinary in the everyday. Anna draws graphic images by hand with bold outlines that carry a message for positive change. We scan our hand-drawn designs and finish them digitally for printing.

Our art reflects our canda bytes ethos, which we print as a positive message on the back of all our greeting cards:

“Let’s… care for each other • create positive ripples • be mindful • look after the natural world • celebrate diversity • see our similarities • find the wonder in the everyday • be environmentally-friendly • make a positive difference.”

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