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Carla Armour

Carla Armour
Category Painting
Listing date April 27, 2019

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Artist's description

I am a multi media visual and conceptual artìst delivering my message through abstract symbolism in mixed media paintings.

I am exploring the emotions associated with displacement and gender based violence and the associated traumas. Through my work, I am by offering a shared space within text, installation, performance, colour and colour relationships.

When painting I immerse myself in the materiality and process, playing and exploring with the effects I can produce and how that all bounces around. I use found objects, acrylics, oils and mixed media, collage etc. A common thread in the work processes is the inclusion of grids juxtaposed against distilled forms, strong colours and deep memoried markings. I spend time reducing it down to lines and shapes and layered combinations that resonate with each other to draw the audience inward.

It must be participatory. I want others to also feel the intimacy of that liberation I feel. Whether I am painting, performing or writing it is purely about losing myself in the medium… the message reveals itself, opening up a restorative space.