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Category Glass, Jewellery
Listing date March 29, 2021

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Artist's description

My fine jewellery pieces are all handcrafted by myself using recycled sea glass found on my travels. 

I create delicate bohemian styles which are reminiscent of long warm summer days. I want my pieces using my beachcombed treasures to inspire my clients to dream of their own past or future travel memories.

I lightly polish the glass pieces to create unique, one of a kind pieces of jewellery.I combine the sea glass with 9ct solid gold, sterling silver and or african turquoise beads.

My designs are inspired by each individual piece of sea glass. I do not plan out my designs as I am inspired by its organic shapes and jewel - like colours.

I love that each piece I create has its own history and uniqueness, some sea glass is over a hundred years old! I keep a note of where I find each piece to add to its continuing story.

I work with this waste material as if they were gemstones and breathe new life into them.