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David J Lilly

David J Lilly
Category Jewellery
Listing date August 19, 2019

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Artist's description

In the 1980s I was collecting Art Deco and that carried on through into this century until in about 2005 when my eye turned to the style of my childhood, mid-century modern, and in particular Brutalism ā€“ those big concrete and glass forms that so many people love to hate.

My jewellery making began with me playing around with fold-forming copper which is great fun, then somewhere along the road Brutalism raised its head again and I have been hooked ever since ā€“ at last I have found my muse and its big, heavy, brutal and all together beautiful.

Then of course there are the gems. I love colour and from a very early age had a fascination with all types gems.

I now cut and polish the gems I buy, and this gives me enormous satisfaction as I can size and shape them to fit with the aesthetic of the jewellery Iā€™m making.