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Delphine Bache-Gabrielsen

Delphine Bache-Gabrielsen
Listing date January 24, 2020

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Artist's description

I start my work by making papers. I choose a motif (the line, the spiral, a word) and I then start writing, varying in color and size. I also use white gauze, tracing paper, fabric ... in addition.
I then choose a textile support (burlap, linen fabric) and begin to lay the largest paper elements by fixing them with needles. Little by little, I compose by tearing as I go along each piece that I put by groping to find its right place.
This calligraphic repetition, cutting, composition and sewing work is for the sole purpose of a personal graphic composition, drawing all its meaning from my personal journey. After studying the applied arts, I first went to literature and education. My thirst for returning to technology led me to study the textile trades and then work for 8 years for a large brand of surf clothing. At the same time, I was starting to take courses in Fine Arts in Bordeaux.

I would like to join this AOH with my local friend Isabelle Houry.

Let's talk about it ! Thank you very much.

Artistically yours,

Delphine x