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Diane Bailey

Diane Bailey
Category Painting
Listing date October 24, 2019

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07837 868940

Artist's description

My inherent respect for the natural world and lifelong interest in wildlife and animal behaviour informs most of my current work. I am not interested in producing a generic view of a creature, but want to delve deeper, to expose the inner personality, to capture the moment the animal becomes aware of the human viewing it.

Throughout the years I have used many techniques and mediums, but I currently favour acrylic for its versatility, and because I work at speed, particularly in the early stages.

I want my images to be striking from a distance, but also to bear close scrutiny without being photographic. So although I work intuitively, careful research, close observation and attention to detail are essential.

A BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year winner, my work has been described as exhilarating, hypnotic, powerful and emotive, and has been selected or preselected by the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, the South West Academy, the Society of Wildlife Artists, London, and the RWE Academy.

I recently relocated from Devon where I was well-established, exhibiting regularly, running tutorials and workshops.