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Elissa Jane Diver

Elissa Jane Diver
Category Photography
Listing date December 7, 2019

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I am a fine art photographer who has previously exhibited in an Open Houses showing photographs of the sea horizon and also at the Regency Town House in the Over The Hill group show of  photographs of Tim Andrews. This summer I would like to show work and sell prints from my recently completed project Operculum. This project is a set of still life images, one for every letter of the alphabet. The objects photographed are mostly every day objects with the exception of the Operculum. The work asks the viewer to question the compulsion to name objects which appear in their field of view and in making the work I was considering whether language could be thought of as a covering for an object which either protects our relationship with it or conversely obscures that objects true nature. I graduated from Brighton University with a 1st class honours degree in Photography in 2012.