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Heather Curwen

Heather Curwen
Listing date September 13, 2021

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I am a multimedia artist who is is a newly resident in Brighton, having recently completed an MA in Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire.

My practice combines visual and written forms which encompass print making, digital artwork, papermaking, collage, and text/poetry. These processes involve the layering of words, marks, and materials to express our ever-changing relationship with the natural world through the passage of time.

When I look at landscape, I see layers of history and believe our impact upon the land can be traced by delving below its surface – rather as an archaeologist might uncover the details of past lives. I also believe that nothing is lost from its terrain and that the imprint of the past remains, resurfacing through found fragments of existence and residual pockets of energy with which we may connect in the present moment.