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How Funny

How Funny
Listing date September 13, 2019

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Artist's description

How Funny is a Brighton based design brand, with a playful fresh approach to everyday life. All the random illustrations are by Jez How.

Many ideas started as scribbled drawings on post it notes collected over numerous years. The retro pen and paper were finally pushed to one side to make way for a tablet with stylus! This opened a whole new world of digital doodles and designs. Individual commissions grew and grew, which finally spurred me on to take the leap and throw a bit of How Funny into the world!

The designing never stops! with over 400 illustrations currently on site...I have been told that my designs are different and very unique!

From everyday life to pop culture, I like to think there is a little piece for anyone on my site.

I was a winner of the London Stationery Show LaunchPad 2018 for new up and coming brands. I am also a featured designer on

They left this superb quote:

"How Funny's cards are an amazing mix of irreverence and brilliant illustration. This range really makes you think, and Scribbler thinks it's awesome"

I have lived in Brighton for 16 years and would love to show some of my designs in a local house. I am well house trained and can fetch...generally cups of hot beverages...but there is room for training on new items.