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Isabelle Houry

Isabelle Houry
Listing date January 24, 2020

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Artist's description

For many years now; from France to here, I feel being guided through the exploration of mixed media et sensual textures. I first delighted to work inspired by an african artist with peanut powder mixed with pigment and medium; the magic of this technique allowed me to explore and to deal with my creativity in depth. Already, adding any materials such as paper, strings, ribbon and especially those found in the streets or bins (!) made my works without limits and with so many surprises. Then, gradually, making my own papers and collecting some anywhere around me, nourished me to offer them a second life. Years after years and deeply on my personal yogi journey, also having the chance to be a woman, I love coming back to sketch and to paint through women faces and emotions expressions. Making my brushes alive and always keeping using this amazing support which is the cardboard, I am delighted to make up colorful women thanks to still mix media within my new creations.

I would love to exhibit few creations within Hove and also with my friend Delphine Bache-Gabrielsen, as she is living in France.

I look forward to speaking with you,

Artistically yours,

Isabelle x