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Jan Langdale Glass Artist (formally Taylor)

Jan Langdale Glass Artist (formally Taylor)
Listing date September 9, 2018

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07504 693497

Artist's description

My current focus and passion is in creating dimensional pieces of glass artwork.

The process... I generally use 6-9 layers of glass which are hand-painted using a hot-fire enamel paint. Each piece is pre-fired (sometimes 2/3 times) then stacked together and kiln-cast into one piece. The final firing process takes 2 to 3 days!

I’m inspired by the translucent qualities of glass, colour gradations, curvilinear designs and nature inspired artwork. I began working with stained glass then moved onto fused glass and glass painting. My previous body of work includes fused glass splashbacks for kitchens/bathrooms and glass wall art. I live in the Calder Valley and visit family and friends around Brighton.

Through my new glass artwork I aim to capture the simplicity and beauty of the natural landscape in deep dimension and, with careful attention to detail, to share a respect of the natural world in a tangible way. Aspiring that through this artwork we may begin to see everyday nature in a new light, bringing us into a deeper awareness of the natural landscape around us and, ultimately enhancing and enriching our connection with it.

‘Avenia...’ (photographed) has 9 layers of glass: 10”x8”x27mm’s deep (glass dimensions) £1,500