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Jane Sarre

Jane Sarre
Category Ceramics, Sculpture
Listing date August 9, 2019

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Artist's description

Ceramicist Jane Sarre initially specialised in hand-thrown contemporary table-ware and serving-ware. She is featured in the Crafts Council Directory and had clients including Nuno Mendez, Jamie Oliver and the Heatherwick Studio.

However, a medically imposed break from throwing has allowed the time to return to hand-building and explore rapidly developing ideas at her studio in Hastings.

The new sculptural work draws on a residency at Dungeness in spring 2018 during which she walked, meditated, drew, photographed and observed the windswept wild place, it's fishing families and holiday homes, the military and scientific structures and the looming nuclear power station.

This 'archive' has fed studio-based work using photographs, prepared papers, cut outs, collage, layering and tape drawings to process the experience. Ideas arising from the work on paper are then developed freely in hand-built ceramic forms that are reduction fired to stoneware temperatures with patinated surface treatments developed with stains and washes.

The resulting abstract pieces are interlocking geometric forms. They reference and explore the angles, proportions and chance compositions found in the functional architecture of the area. Their construction is driven by memories of the embodied experience of this dissonant place, evoking its presence and the ambivalent relationships manifested there.

In parallel she also makes the Dancing Lines series of hand-built vases and bowls in forms inspired by the sculptural work. They are cut freehand and subtly rich surfaces have found materials embedded and a reduction fired celadon glaze so each one is unique.