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Jane Sarre

Category Sculpture
Listing date September 13, 2021

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Artist's description

Sculpture for the curious.

The work is inspired by the unfamiliar forms discovered whilst exploring edgeland places including Dungeness and Rye Harbour. Somewhat mysterious it engages your intrigue and makes you lean in.

It begins with a site, with walking and looking, being and experiencing. Ideas are then developed in the studio using drawing and collage to further explore.

Graphic wall panels playfully reassemble key forms in bold monochrome and earthy tones. These one-off works evoke remembered places and suggest new stories. Accessibly priced they can be hung in a wide range of spaces.

Each project culminates in a series of abstract sculptures that push the bounds of high-fired ceramic. Suitable for the home and garden they appear almost drawn or calligraphic. The angular forms have an elegant simplicity that both references their humble origins and transcends it. Layering in memory and narrative, they invite discussion and curiosity.