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Jessica Clifford

Jessica Clifford
Category Glass
Listing date March 5, 2019

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Artist's description

cliffordjessglass creates hand crafted decorative glassware. Using the kiln forming process to capture the colours and textures of the sea and marine life.

After graduating university in 2017 I did an internship within a glass school where I had the opportunity to work alongside a number of fantastic glass artists. During this time I have picked up new skills and developed my identity within the glass world. And am now focusing on new ideas and getting my artwork out to the public.

My range of work consists of; vessels, bowls, plates, trinket dishes and frames. Alongside dichroic glass jewellery.

In each piece I try to reflect the colour and texture from my inspirational surroundings to create unique designs.

"Trio of Sea Vessels" - Photographed by E Raynaud