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Joanna Myles

Joanna Myles
Listing date February 23, 2021

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Artist's description

Seen on Sky Arts, Landscape Artist of The Year 2021, episode 6 finalist.

Joanna work explores human relationships with the objects we gather and keep in our homes and the landscapes we live in. She explores these through a variety of mediums, more recently leaning towards paintings on canvas and inks on paper. Joanna often works on two pieces of art at a time, each influencing the other in colour and mark-making.

Drawing and observation of social interactions are key to her practice as an artist. This often starts as a casual sketch and eventually finds itself as pencil finishing in her final works of art.

Joanna graduated from Ravensbourne in 2001 with a BA(hons) degree in printmaking. Returning to art full time in 2018 Joanna says;

“Art for me is about entering into an alternative world. I call it my magical safe place. I shrug off the everyday and life seems to hold a deeper colour there. I need to create art as somehow life without it seams poorer.”