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Kate Scott

Kate Scott
Category Painting
Listing date July 29, 2020

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Artist's description

I am a contemporary abstract painter, whose work concerns exploring the relationship between space and solidity, the conscious and the unconscious, using paint and raw colour to search illusions of light and depth and convey emotion, mood, memory, and response to the elements and weather; often inspired viscerally by music as I go along.

I love having the opportunity to show my work, meet new and existing patrons and supporters during the Artists Open Houses in which I have regularly contributed to; co-curating 'Art At Zerb's' last year in the Dyke Road trail.

I was going to be showing at Art AT 21 this year but they have decided in the wake of covid19 to wait until 2021 to reopen, so I would hugely appreciate the chance to show somewhere else.

I highly value being part of the Brighton Open Houses and like to be very present and supportive before and during the exhibition when needed, whichever venue I have the opportunity to join in.