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Kate Scott

Kate Scott
Category Painting
Listing date December 29, 2017

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I live and work in Brighton, i have a BA and MA in fine Art and have worked as a visiting lecturer, i exhibited and sold my work for the last 4 years in the shortlisted best open house of the year 2 Knoyle Road, but they are having a rest from opening this coming may and i am very much looking forward to being part of another open house, i am very happy to help and invigilate too.

My work are small to medium size acrylic abstract paintings , led instinctively by colour i work organically using drawing and marks to convey emotion, mood, response to nature and memory, often inspired viscerally by music, i really enjoy showing my work in a domestic space and meeting the Artist open house visitors, but also recently showed my work in a Gallery in Cornwall summer 2017 along side 3 other abstract painters.

I also make and sell a range of Artists cards and recently also started selling giclee prints.