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Kathleen Anstey

Kathleen Anstey
Listing date September 15, 2021

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I`m Titch an emerging Artist and I live in Brighton and Hove with my son, and I'm about to  study Fine Art Printing and Image making at Brighton University


My paint and drawn work is quite varied - abstract, figurative, landscape, pop-art - I use bold colours and blocks of colour. I gain my inspiration from travel, people, music, magazines and photographs as well as markets and charity shops, recycling old photographs of people long since gone, breathing a modern feel back into them.

Painting and observing letting the paint lead me.. I am discovering my own style and I want to continue working on different approaches - learning, developing, exploring and playing.


I am hungry to try new things, new methods and to try to incorporate these into my work. At the moment I am focussing on perspective, depth, and layering whilst also trying not to overthink and to be more gestural.

The Techniques I use are varied from staining and pouring, using mediums such as watercolour, acrylic and recently oil. Collage and digital.


The work I will be Showing are all original, mixed media pieces.

You can find me on Titchanstey Instagram and Facebook