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Lucy Joanne Taylor

Artist's description

After gaining a degree in Jewellery Design at Central St Martins, I worked in the Jewellery industry for some time before moving to Kemptown, Brighton. Since then I have worked on my jewellery, drawing and painting practice. I have also opened my home for the Art Open Houses for the last two years. This year, I am seeking a lovely house to show my work in.

My 2D work is based on contemporary studies from life using a biro to draw on recycled, collaged surfaces, I then add paint, coloured pencil and other media. I mainly focus on portraits, flowers, and the occasional sleeping animal.

My Jewellery is made primarily from reworked titanium and reclaimed leather, which I spent a lot of time working with while at Central St Martins, I have reworked many experimental samples into wearable, beautiful and unique limited edition pieces.