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Margaret McGregor Betts

Margaret McGregor Betts
Listing date February 25, 2021

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Living on the South Downs, close to the sea, my work is inspired visually by the natural world and the sounds and rhythms of music. I love the patterns I find in these areas and use them as a starting point to develop my watercolour paintings and collagraph prints to produce contemporary images. Of these two media, collagraph produces the most vibrant embossed effect and is a great vehicle for abstract ideas, often being inspired by the collage materials themselves. In this print medium, I have explored the use of multiple pates and colour separation. In watercolour painting, I am particularly drawn to the use of multiple washes to build a depth of colour and the use of free form to create abstract images interpreting the rhythms and tone of music, especially modern Jazz. With both media, I hope to create a range of emotional responses so that my work can connect in a personal way with the observer and they find something new with each viewing.