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Milena Deparis

Milena Deparis
Category Photography
Listing date August 23, 2018

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Artist's description

My artistic relationship with the external world is rooted in my intrigue of rusting objects and deteriorating surfaces – the ugly and ignored. Photography has always been a channel of escapism and existential necessity to look outwards, which has led to an exploration of the immense beauty in the unobserved imperfections and irregularities of our surrounding world.

Hidden Canvases is a motto that has come to encompass my photographic approach and style as well as my perception of beauty and how I choose to capture it. I experience photography as an opportunity to capture art that has already been created but remains unseen or unrecognized.

This collection (photographed in Brighton) presents different layers of human and natural interaction through time, resulting in the creation of diverse colors, textures, contrasts and meanings. However, this art is not created by a single human artist in their chosen medium but by a multitude of external factors onto the surfaces that enclose us.

Metaphorically speaking, a hidden canvas is an invisible piece of art that is waiting to be seen. My aim is to capture and reveal them in an abstract, two-dimensional style that adheres to a certain asymmetry. I wish to evoke an appreciation for nameless art and an emotional understanding of our abandoned world and the abandonment of ourselves.