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Mjriam Sessa-Selwyn

Mjriam Sessa-Selwyn
Category Painting
Listing date March 12, 2023

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Artist’s description

I am an Italian national, I live in Brighton with my family. I am also a primary school teacher and a painter. I paint as a hobby and only recently I have been encouraged to put my paintings up for sale. I paint a range of subjects: seascapes, sailing boats and fish, but also landscapes, animals, portraits and scenes from the theatre of marionettes. My grandmother was a puppeteer and she travelled around the world. I like to paint scenes from the shows that her company ‘I piccoli di Podrecca’ performed. I grew up playing on the stage with the marionettes. I would like to show some of my work this coming May if possible. I realise I might be a little bit late but if I could have a small space to start with a few paintings I would be so grateful. Thank you. Mjriam