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Nicola Gillis

Nicola Gillis
Category Ceramics
Listing date February 9, 2020

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Artist's description

I am a ceramicist seeking an open house. After practicing for 6 years I recently completed a full-time ceramics course at Forest Row School of Ceramics.

A bit bout my work which is very much work in progress. I am fascinated by weather, particularly storms and their effect on the landscape. Tumultuous seas resulting in debris washed up on shorelines. Shadows created by looming black clouds. The ever present impact of wind and rain on everything that is around us, everything steadily changing its form and surface from one thing to another. My body of work is a response to those experiences, that fascination.

My collection is mainly tableware. I seek balance from the rush of modern life in the everyday rituals of eating and drinking. These rituals are enhanced by the vessels we use; by what we see, what we pass around, what we hold and touch.
I explore many different techniques to make my work and I am passionate about using ash glazes and found clays and slips and these are used on a stoneware body.
My Instagram is: Nicola Gillis
Please contact me for any information or if you think I would be a good fit in your space.
Please bear in mind my website is work in progress