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Peter Gibbons

Peter Gibbons
Listing date March 4, 2020

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07976 413340

Artist's description

I prefer to take the less well-trodden path for my photographs. It seems to be the ugly edge between town and country that is the most fruitful. My project of searching and documenting has been going on for years - hunting for images that share a common aesthetic. Once printed and viewed as a group, the pictures make connections; the combination of image, caption and adjacent images build a narrative. Many also stand alone.

I have always taken honest photographs - no man-handling the subject matter, no cheating or deception. These images are true to the subject - hence the title for this ongoing project - Operibus credite et non verbis - Though ye believe not me, believe the works.

The set of images I am interested in showing are limited edition photopolymer gravure prints of my photographs - printed in editions of 24.