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Ros Lymer

Ros Lymer
Listing date March 12, 2021

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Artist's description

My work includes textile art, mixed media and painting.  I respond to the world around me, and reference, for example, natural forms, textured surfaces and contrasting colours. At times shapes and forms are recognizable, and at others, works appear completely abstract. I like to play with transparency and layering.

My textile art pieces often include fragments of print, batik, dying and hand-made felt, collaged together. Over these are added layers of intense hand and machine embroidery, adding drawing, marks and texture to the surface. Pieces are presented in box frames, usually glazed, and range in size from 25x25cm, to 50cmx70cm.

My paintings are on canvas or MDF, and I work in oils, acrylic, inks and collage. Board surfaces are often scratched or engraved to explore texture. These works are frequently abstract in appearance, but loosely reference landscape and blocky manmade structures, borrowing surfaces, textures and shapes from what I see and draw around me.  These range in size from 12x14cm up to 60x60cm.

I hope you like them.