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Ryan Dinwiddy

Ryan Dinwiddy
Category Painting, Photography
Listing date March 5, 2020

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Ryan Dinwiddy

My art is about exploring the boundaries between painting and photography. Mark-making and colour comes first, and subject matter second. I start my process with a photograph I have previously taken, I then have it printed on to a canvas; I work into the image with paints and sometimes wax to produce a multi-media image. I photograph it as it evolves, which helps me to determine which direction the painting is going.

I would describe my work as abstract expressionism. One of my main influences is Willem de Kooning for his gestural brush-strokes and mark making which gives his work the impression of spontaneity. My second major influences would be Howard Hodgkin for his bold use of colour. My art is aesthetically challenging where the viewer will have to spend time quantifying their relationship with my art. By this, I mean you should be able to come back to a piece of my art and discover more than you had first noticed.