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Sarah Packington

Sarah Packington
Category Jewellery
Listing date May 26, 2019

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Artist's description

I have been designing and making acrylic jewellery in Brighton since graduating in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics BA(hons) at Brighton Polytechnic in 1991.


I strive to use acrylic in an innovative and personal way, finding new ways to give a potentially cold, mass produced material a precious hand worked feel.

I am drawn to interesting textures, colours and patterns in ceramics, textiles, paintings, architecture and in nature. I like simple, light and joyful shapes in subtle colours.


I enjoy playing with the properties of clear dyed acrylic: light, reflection, and strong colour. I hand manipulate the surface using etching, sanding, dying and polishing, and use contrasts of polished/matte and colour/clear to add interest.


I aim for a highly finished quality to give my jewellery a precious feel, and I hope my designs are unique, fun and a pleasure to wear.


My jewellery is sold in galleries around the UK. In 2014 a special collection was sold in the Tate Modern 'Matisse Cut Outs' exhibition gift shop, and in Spring 2017 The British Museum sold a collection with its ‘American Dream’ prints exhibition.