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Shirley Archibald

Shirley Archibald
Category Painting
Listing date March 8, 2021

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07866 439441

Artist's description

I am an abstract painter mainly working with acrylics with an absolute passion for colour.  I play with the juxtaposition of colour within a dreamscape bringing in places, symbols and elements from the past and present.  My recent  paintings have been created during the monotony of lockdown as a remembrance of hope, freedom and adventure. They are little pieces of escapism. 

I trained at Liverpool school of Arts in the late 1980s.  Since leaving college I continued to paint and have exhibited in Liverpool, Hoxton and Brighton. I recently exhibited at Starling Studio, Brighton.

I love the relaxed atmosphere of the Artists open Houses.  The quality of work is always excellent and I would be delighted to be part of it.