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Trudi Davies (aka Handmade & Vintage)

Artist's description

I love vintage textiles - the brighter the better. I like to come up with ways of making them into something useful, and unique for modern homes. So, I stitch and print and create quilts, gifts and pieces of home decor which I hope will go on to live happily for another 40 or 50 years.
Fabric is an ecologically expensive thing to produce so it makes sense to prolong its life for as long as possible. I also turn old tapestries into big, squashy floor cushions.
I make occasional items from old toys and other small objects that catch my eye, and occasionally indulge in a bit of decoupage with vintage magazines. The overriding philosophy to my making is colour - preferably bright colour!

I’ve been taking part in Open Houses for the past 8 years or so and would like to branch out and find some new houses. At Christmas I usually mix up my display with a few vintage Christmas decorations and tins too.

I’ve listed my Folksy shop as my website as that’s exclusively filled with handmade things. My main website sells a mix of items and has been going for 10 years –