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Two Faced Twins

Two Faced Twins
Listing date September 26, 2019

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Artist's description

We are Stella and Gem, identical twins from Brighton, who own an art and homeware brand called Two Faced Twins. Working together, we create striking, edgy artwork and homeware for contemporary homes.

We have a very unique way of working together. As a skilled artist, Stella creates the initial illustrations, and once finished, hands them over to me. I then take over as lead designer, working on them digitally, manipulating them and adding colour. I transform Stella's illustrations into designs that will look great in modern, contemporary settings. As twins, we would be unable to work without the other. Stella has never been able to work with colour, and seeing as I can't draw to save my life, our opposing artistic skills mean we fit together like a jigsaw. The perfect team. 

We will be selling limited edition prints in a variety of sizes, along with our stylish homeware range consisting of contemporary style coasters, placemats, chopping boards and cards. Our most recent series of artwork is a collection based on Brighton Pride and also, a singular piece of the AMEX Football Stadium.