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Woofing Fabulous by Liza Morton

Artist's description

Woofing Fabulous handmade in Saltdean, just outside of Brighton. Full of fun and quirky animals and birds created in my garden pottery studio at my seaside cottage.

Before becoming a full time artist I was a teacher and Head of Art for many years in Surrey. When I left teaching I also rehomed my kiln from my former school and started creating pottery dogs for customers. From this I realised how important my animals were to me and I came up with the name Woofing Fabulous because they are at the heart of my life.

The sea, the Sussex coastline and Brighton's comical seagulls brought 'seagulls sitting on deckchairs' to the Woofing Fabulous gang as my collection grew.

The most important thing about my pottery is that I hope to help people smile when they see my pottery pieces. Somebody once said that they are like a cartoon made out of clay.

From small hanging ceramic decorations, to large commissioned ceramic sculptures, there are a variety of gifts that are all handmade and then fired in my kiln called Bertha. 

On Instagram you will be able to see my making videos, exhibitions and inspiration.