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Fleur Kreel

Fleur Kreel
Category Painting, Textiles
Listing date February 3, 2018

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07760 309678

Artist's description

I paint how I feel about landscape. Particularly the landscape near where I live which is the South Downs and nearby seaside towns and coast of Worthing, Lancing, Shoreham, Portslade, Hove and Brighton. It makes me want to paint. It makes me want to write on the wall. I paint from memory and from my sketches en plein air or from the top of the bus mainly using acrylic on canvas board, board and card.

I sew abstract works in fabric, piecing together smaller pieces and fragments. I may “decompose" the fabric such as by fraying it or re-use frayed threads by sewing them back onto the body of the piece in some way. To me fabric is deeply connected with early, fundamental aspects of being human, our awareness of mortality. A cover for our nudity, swaddling cloth and shroud, for our beds, for drying up, for carrying things, for ritual and decoration.