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Aaron Auguste Thomason

Aaron Auguste Thomason
Category Painting
Listing date September 21, 2023

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Artist’s description

Aaron Auguste Thomason is a Self taught artist from Hove, East Sussex.

“I look for the beauty in everything. Whether it’s an incredible sunset or an old decaying building, for me the real beauty is in the unexpected”

Often times his Inspiration comes while walking around the landscapes of  Brighton, Hove and beyond.

Cracks, crooked lines, sweeping coastlines, undulating hills and man made skylines offer a glimpse into another world, where the real meets the abstract and the lines which separate them are blurred.

His technique involves sculpting paint as well as various texture pastes in thick layers to the surface.

Using a variety of tools he adds layer upon layer whilst also scratching and smudging away adding further depth and interest to his compositions.

His work has found homes around the globe. From his home town to America, Germany, Switzerland and beyond.

He exhibits regularly around the uk including the contemporary Art fairs in Windsor and Sandsdown racecourse. He’s also showed his work at the artist open houses and the do not obstruct gallery exhibition in Brighton.